How Jamal Khashoggi Was Entrapped & Murdered with the Help of a Hidden Microphone

According to a report in The New York Times, Israeli software was used by the Saudis to spy on Jamal Khashoggi. A lawsuit has been filed by a Saudi dissident close to the murdered journalist, which claims that this software was used to spy on Khashoggi’s communication via his smart phone. The company that makes the Pegasus software, NSO Group, and Israel, which licences the company’s sales to foreign governments have been named in the suit. This confirms Israel’s increasingly open alliance with Saudi Arabia and other Persian Gulf kingdoms. This is how Jamal Khashoggi was entrapped and murdered with the help of a hidden microphone.

Israeli Spyware Licenced by Saudi Arabian Security Forces Used in Journalist’s Smart Phone

This lawsuit follows in the footsteps of earlier suits by journalists and others, who have charged that the NSO Group has helped governments in Mexico and the United Arab Emirates spy on their smart phones, despite the individuals having no criminal records or posing any threat to these governments.  Amnesty International have, also, accused the NSO Group of assisting Saudi Arabia to spy on a member of their staff via their Pegasus software. The spyware allows those listening in to monitor calls, record them, read messages, record keystrokes, and track their internet browsing history. Plus, it enables the spying governments to utilise the smart phone’s microphone and camera as surveillance devices.

Technology a Two-Edged Sword

This story highlights the covert art of hidden microphones at the heart of many nefarious activities happening on the world stage. What we used to watch on our movie screens is now centre stage on the evening news. That our own love affair and obsession with our smart phones could very easily bring us undone via software like this, should be a warning to all of us. We will not listen to it, of course, because we rarely do in these instances. Technology is very much a two-edged sword, which will catch us out in the long-run, I suspect. We may not be spies or activists, but if our security forces have access to technologies like Pegasus, we are all in some strife I suggest. Jamal Khashoggi will be the first in a long line of dissidents, activists, journalists and the like, who will be snaffled up by security forces in the future. Australia’s new anti-encryption laws will be another attack on the privacy of individuals.

How To Keep Your Employees Happy

A lot of companies will tell you that in order to keep the machine well-oiled and running, you must keep your workers happy. The employees are what make the business good, and if employee wellbeing isn’t something being prioritized, then it’ll show in the output and the quality of work rendered. There are many ways to keep their happiness and satisfaction at an optimal rate, some of these are implementing enough time for them to focus on recreation and health at work. Some companies just think about maximum production, but without enough space, this might actually result to less production. Here are some ways you can keep your very important employees happy and satisfied.

Add some color to your office

Offices like Google and General Mills have broken free from traditional office exteriors to keep their employees engaged and encouraged for work. They have quirky features like a wide array of cereals and sleeping pods. If companies give enough opportunity for their employees to actually have down time under their roofs, then they’ll see their job as less of a chore. Creating that comfortable environment for the workers is important when it comes to stress reduction, because their tasks are daunting as it is – so why make it even more stressful with the coldness of white walls and cubicles?

Health benefits and so much more

Other than providing more than appealing pay packages to workers, it is important that they have enough benefits to cover them and maybe a dependent or two. Working hours come into play when it comes to employee wellbeing as well, since longer hours spent in the office might cause overall health deterioration. Poorer health conditions will lead to lower productivity and happiness. Providing health cards can help, but there are other ways of giving importance to employees’ health at the workplace.

Health and wellness programs

A lot of companies have health and wellness programs that they hold in their office premises. The programs include workout classes, discounted gym passes, healthy snacks, and regular medical checkups. Some even take the extra mile by giving free vaccinations.  These health and wellness programs have been proven to have very positive results in the overall disposition of their employees. If the company has enough funds to open up a gym in their office building, then that would be great as well. Overall, giving priority to workers’ health through these programs gives a sense of care to those workers under their wing. A company who evidently cares is one that workers are happy to work for.

A healthy workplace is a happy one, so if a company plans on implementing a wellness program in their premises – then a lot of measures must be observed. First, they should survey if the employees are interested in holding fitness classes in their offices. Second, the company must cover the costs of these classes. Third, it should cater to both male and female – and of all ages. A fitness czar must be appointed within the office, and he or she must update other participants if there are any classes coming their way. Also, this czar is essential in the company to make sure that the program is going well. If more employees participate in classes, then the other workers will gain interest in joining the program. The more members, the more successful the program will be.

Rather than spending on workers’ health when they’re sick, you can avoid this kind of expenditure by creating programs that aim to make their health better. This is one mindset that a lot of companies should adapt. A lot of successful enterprises merit their success to their workers, and with programs that focus on their wellbeing, and then they’ll be more than happy to create a partnership towards that level of success. It might sound cliché, but a lot of companies treat their workers like family. If these workers feel that, then they’ll definitely be more than motivated to work hard with them.

Employee wellbeing and health at work are two things that should be given importance by any business – as it is proven to be very rewarding for both parties. While production is very important, it must be kept in mind that their fuel comes from happiness and satisfaction. If companies make an effort to take care of each employee, then they’ll definitely see the return of investment tenfold.

Social Good: A Hot Trend Among Businesses

A lot of companies now are exerting a lot more humanitarian efforts in order to create a bigger social impact. This is a very positive trend, as the results are definitely showing good already. Corporate social responsibility is already part of so many companies’ values, and even more hotshots are getting on board with conscious consumption and social procurement. Focusing on such efforts have done a lot of companies good, and even with that said, it is still an emerging thing amongst industries – but more companies are following suit.

Helping out to create greatness

Any company can do this in any scale. Through social procurement, companies get their goods from social enterprises or those sources who aim to help the underprivileged. Big scale companies sometimes do this in their smaller departments, since social enterprises usually produce in small batches. With this said, however, some big scale companies fund social enterprises so that they can produce more and help more people in the process. Another thing that they do is to hire staff that is fro impoverished backgrounds. They are delegated to admin work as their way to empower them under their roof. If they take them under their roof, they also get tax cuts as well.

Being a role model

Adapting corporate social responsibility to the company’s set of core values is also known to improve consumer behavior. Companies, in this case, serve as pillars of doing good deeds. Companies, as big as they are, are big enablers for any type of action – and to do something brilliant like doing action that has a positive impact will definitely create waves out of ripples. This also adds a dimension of humanity in any company, which is a good image to consumers. It is important for any company to give out an image that they care and that they mean well with the services that they provide.

A conscious choice for humanity

Through conscious consumption, companies and enterprises are becoming more and more responsible with all of their actions. This shows genuine concern with all the people of the world, the environment, and everything that can affect the world. This also got a lot of people thinking in terms of how they are running their lives. This movement focuses on the greater good, and how the world is collectively making an effort to make the world a better place to live in. This also means supporting smaller businesses, social enterprises, and businesses that have a more “genuine” sense of purpose. With this thinking, it’s not just about profit anymore.

As mentioned, a lot of companies are following suit with such line of thinking. A lot of enterprises, both big and small, are urged to adapt to this movement since their contribution is highly valued in the world today. Right now, the big guns are urged to take the lead to create a world with ore heart and humanity – two things that are evidently lacking in today’s society. At the end of the day, everyone’s cooperation is called for in making the world a better one for all its citizens.

Why Australians Are Spending $8.5B on Weight Loss Programs, Wellness Products and Services

In a 2015 report of The Sun corp Bank Cost of Being Fit, it was found out that Australians spend as much as 8.5 billion dollars every year on gym memberships, sports equipment, and on the latest weight loss programs and wellness fads.

We take a look at possible reasons on this current trend in the country’s multi-billion dollar weight loss industry.

Increased Obesity, Increased Demand for Weight Loss Programs

The Australian Bureau of Statistics reports an increasing trend in the number of Australians who are overweight or obese from 1995 (56%) to 2008 (61%) and to2011 (63%). With the many potential health risks of being overweight or obese, it is not surprising that many Australians are aiming to slash excess fats from their bodies and hence the expected increase in the demand for weight loss programs and various sports and gym equipment.

Here are some of the health risks that are associated with obesity.

Coronary Heart Disease

Coronary heart disease or CHD is one of the primary health risks associated with obesity. In this medical condition, a plaque builds up within the coronary arteries, which blocks the arteries from supplying blood to the heart. This plaque is brought about by a person consuming excessive amounts of harmful fatty foods.

High Blood Pressure and Stroke

Being overweight has shown to increase a person’s chances of developing high blood pressure which can lead to ischemic stroke (caused by clotting) and other coronary artery diseases. When the blood pressure rises beyond normal and stays that way for a long period of time it can damage the blood clot, such as the formation of a clot. If the clot occurs in close proximity to the brain, it can lead to stroke.


Obesity or being overweight can also cause type 2 diabetes. This type of diabetes occurs when the body improperly uses insulin, the hormone that is responsible for turning glucose from carbohydrates into energy. Diabetes can lead to further complications like kidney diseases, coronary heart diseases, stroke, or blindness.


Obesity can also lead to certain forms of cancer, such as colon cancer, breast cancer, or endometrial cancer. When there is too much fat, the body can malfunction and produce unnecessary hormones and growth factors. This can significantly affect how the cells work within the body.

As these cells are altered, the possibility of developing free radicals also increases. These free radicals damage the normal cells which then lead to the development of cancer-causing cells. As an aside, medicinal cannabis is helping the treatment of cancer.

Other diseases include: gallstones, reproductive problems, osteoarthritis, and sleep apnea.

These serious health scares are driving most of the Australian population to get fit, and they are willing to spend a staggering amount to cope with their perceived failing health conditions. From organic foods, to diet plans, to health juices– majority of Australians who are overweight or obese would pay a premium to maintain a healthy eating lifestyle. These translate to weekly bump on the normal budget of a regular household.

Food Commercialisation

Human bodies were long ago designed to hunt and gather foods. The normal body was therefore expected to constantly keep an active lifestyle while there was food scarcity. This scenario allowed the humans to consume whatever food is currently available– causing the body to burn whatever calories are needed, and then store the remaining as fat so that when food is scarce again, it will use those deposited fats as alternative energy source.

Today, we live in a very different environment. Food is served so easily that the human body would not have to spend a significant energy to get it. Add to this the proliferation of fast foods where food items are packed with excess oils because frying is the fastest way to cook meals.And serving foods fast is in keeping with everybody’s busy lifestyles. The Enhanced Media Metrics Australia reports that on average, Australians eat in fast food restaurants every week,with 60% of those are within the 14-29 years old range.

Then there’s food processing. In order to keep food from spoiling quicker, excess amounts of salts or sugars are added. That’s not even mentioning the many harmful chemicals that are added just so food can extend its expiry date years later.

All of these things compounded the accumulation of excess fats on the body of the average modern Australian whose lifestyle if predominantly dormant.

Government’s Response to Obesity

Another significant reason for the rise in popularity of weight loss services and products is the government’s efforts to promote a healthy lifestyle for the Australian household.

In 2008, the Australian Federal Government included obesity to the list of national health priorities and added it to the rank of cancer, diabetes, and heart disease as major ailments that need significant attention. This move has prompted the government to implement 20 acts related to this cause. These acts include the implementation of tax incentives to make healthier alternatives of fruits and vegetables to become more affordable, and implemented laws that mandate the lowering of sugar and fat levels in processed foods.

Taking their cue from the government, the Australian population’s response is to support the move by turning to the leading fitness companies throughout the country. With their desire to get fit supported by the government, spending for this industry was therefore expected to rise.

Wellness as a Status Symbol

Being health conscious has gradually penetrated the upper class of Australian society and many are jumping the bandwagon. Wellness is now being used as a status symbol. And it doesn’t come cheap.

Aussies would not hesitate to buy the latest trend in sports or gym equipment if it means giving them the privilege to feel and look posh to their friends in the real world, and especially on social media. Not only because it symbolises their advocacy for being health conscious but more importantly because they can afford it.

The increasing demand for gym equipment and other workout tools have prompted various companies to offer the most sophisticated but very expensive gear, equipment, and all the way down to the workout attires. Many are biting this marketing ploy. Hence, there is an increasing trend in Aussie spending for the latest fads in gym equipment and sports attire– all of these add to the already-ballooning lucrative business of the weight loss industry.

We Buy Houses Deals’ Guide to Selling in Australia’s Real Estate Market

The housing market is a complicated subdivision of the whole Australian real estate industry. If you are planning to sell your own property, then you will definitely need experts in this very challenging business. Experts like Sydney-based We Buy Houses Deals has become, for many years now, the primary agent to go to for many Australian residents who wish to sell their houses fast and hassle-free. They are available in many parts of Australia so it is easy and effective for many people to engage in property business with them.

Selling your own house should not necessarily have to mean that you will entirely depend on your real estate agent. It is also absolutely essential for you, the seller, to have primary knowledge about this business undertaking too.

So, here are important tips from We Buy Houses Deals on selling a housing property which. These tips, you never know, may become an important stepping stone for your bright future in the real estate business.

Checklists are Essential

Organise a checklist of important things related to selling your house. Even if you think you have the sharpest of memory, you will realise the benefits of having a checklist because it will remind you of something that you may usually forget if you didn’t put it in writing. It will therefore significantly help you in avoiding mistakes.

Here are some of the important things that you should include in your checklist when selling a property:

  1. Repair costs that will be needed in order to refurbish the house into looking new and more liveable.
  2. Taxes that will be imposed in any transaction related to the sale of the house.
  3. Fees in all the transactions, including legal representation.
  4. Your personal goals in selling your home.
  5. Capital gains tax on investment property sales.

You can ask some helpful guidelines from your real estate representative on many other important things that should go into this checklist.

Valuing the House

Generally, the value of the house will be determined by the prevailing market condition of similar property type. It is imperative that you should have a licenced real estate agent who will come up with the final price for your house. But, it is necessary that you too will understand the different elements that dictate the final price.

The final house value should be a realistic monetary representation of your property. This value must be sufficient enough to get the most out of the sale but not too pricey for its property type. Some of the important parameters in coming up with the house value are:

  1. The current condition of the property market.
  2. The prevailing interest rates for a house property,
  3. Availability of financing scheme for buyers.
  4. The type of property.
  5. The average price that similar properties within the area have sold for.

You can ask your real estate agent to expound further on these elements so that you will be very confident in the final value, especially when a buyer tries to negotiate for a lower price.

Making Your House Marketable

You have prepared everything needed to put your house for sale. Now you will need potential buyers to look into your property and be impressed by what they will see.

You already know that different potential buyers have different tastes but one thing is for certain: they will be impressed by the most attractive property that will give them maximum value for their money. So start by thoroughly cleaning the house so that it is extremely presentable. You aim should be to come up with something that will look like a model house– that looks brand new, inviting and homey for potential buyers.

Undertake whatever repairs are necessary. You can even hire a professional who can transform your house to look more spacious, more appealing with your privacy kept intact while your house is being put on sale.

The additional expenses for the repairs and professional fees in transforming your home may be included in the final value of your home. So it is also important to consider this aspect before coming up with the final house value. Consult with your real estate agent about this.

Dealing with Contracts and Titles

Selling your house will only truly end once you have taken care of the legal aspects and the necessary paperwork. It is important to have appropriate contracts and titles complete, clear, and ready for transfer.

So, hiring a professional and licenced real estate agent will really go a long way in relieving you off of the stress in the actual legal process. Instead of checking the titles and doing the actual paperwork yourself, the real estate agent will do it for you. And because the agent is well-experienced, he or she would be able to execute faster and easier ways to accomplish it, aided by his or her network of professional lawyers and other real estate experts.

Choosing the Right Real Estate Agent

Picking the right agent is a crucial step in successfully selling your house and doing away with all the legal matters that it will entail. So choose your agent wisely. You can go by the following guidelines:

  1. The agent must be licenced for the job and is a certified member of the local or national association of real estate agents.
  2. He or she must be well experienced in the real estate market, especially in the type of property similar to the one you are selling.
  3. The agent must be willing to meet your needs and goals for your property.
  4. The agent must stick to your requirements and not impose his or her own.
  5. The agent should be able to provide favourable testimonials from previous clients.

If you are still confused on which agent to choose, then you should look no further than We Buy Houses Deals. They have the competency and expertise in selling houses fast and hassle-free. They have been in this industry for many years and they have served many extremely satisfied clients all over Australia.

Don’t hesitate to contact them by logging on to or dialling +61 2 9922 5601. They will surely work wonders in selling your house quickly, easily, and without the unwanted worries.

How to buy property in the best locations in Australia

As more and more people are now able to gain their worth through commercial real estate properties, the more they want to know where in Australia is the best place to buy a property. A lot of prospective clients want to buy properties in prime areas, as they provide the right balance for their lives. The real estate market is a game that requires knowledge and expertise to play, but with the right resources, any future property owner can cop a lot in one of top locations in Australia.  Here are some of the best places to buy real estate in Australia for 2016.

Suburbs remain on top

Suburbs remain popular for Australians since they are generally inclined to go for areas that are relatively quiet. Some of the top locations are Spearwood, Glen Waverly, Spring Farm, and Johnston. Their annual growth is 28% to 45%. That is huge for any type of area, and that is a dream for real estate brokers. Suburbs are also popular because it’s nearer to bodies of water and they have beautiful houses that just got better through time. Although this type is quite different from commercial real estate, people will always have a demand for good areas for their abodes.

Real estate in the digital age

When it comes to commercial real estate, it is now easier than ever to acquire a space thanks to the Internet. Prospective owners can simply plug in their preferences and a list of results that fit their desires will come out. They would be pleased to see all the details they need like the exact location, terms of leasing, and a huge supply of pictures of the property. In this digital age, everything is now at reach – even a huge commercial property! However, prospective owners still need to be careful when pursuing listings, as there are still quite a number of shams online.

Be in the know

When purchasing commercial real estate, one must be aware of industry trends so that they will know where to use their resources. There are many resources online that they can consult with, and there are many experts out there that would be more than willing to lend a hand to those who wish to get into the game as well. There are also many blogs out there that talk about specific real estate matters. There’s nothing wrong with gathering info about a certain property before deciding on purchasing it. Real estate is a huge deal, and is something that needs a lot of thought and expertise.

The best performing sectors in commercial real estate in Australia are hotels and hospitals. This comes to no surprise since the country gives the utmost importance to hospitality and healthcare. This also made quality healthcare accessible to many more Australians as it is. Trends usually reflect a country’s priorities, and it is good to know that servicing its citizens is on top of the list down under. Real estate is continuously going up in Australia, and there are a lot of factors that contribute to this. Some of these are lower interest rates that make it easier for investors to do their thing. Overall, the investment return in real estate in Australia is getting higher this year.

It’s not a stagnant industry

The commercial real estate world is an ever-changing one, and the trend and demand will never be constant. This is why it is important to consult with experts regarding these matters so that they will be able to fill in the gaps in terms of knowledge of the market. It is important to know if they’re getting their end of the deal, of if they are getting a fair price for a certain property. Investing in real estate a huge matter that needs a lot of thought and consideration. Thankfully, there are enough help and resources out there that can help anyone in making the job easier for them.

Getting a space in one of the top commercial real estate locations in Australia will always be the goal, however, not everyone can attain it instantly. Don’t be afraid to consult with a broker, as they will help any client in every step of the way. A client can get a space in a coveted area or a booming area; it does not really matter where as long as the area benefits the business.

The Importance of Restaurants&Hotels near Adelaide Ovalto Tourists

The Adelaide Oval is a stadium located in between North Adelaide and the city centre. It has become the host to many cricket, football, and rugby leagues as well as the venue to many concerts. This is a monumental establishment, so it should not come as a surprise that there are many restaurants and hotels near Adelaide Oval.

Strategic Location for Restaurants&Hotels near Adelaide Oval

Being situated in the centre of the city, the Adelaide Oval presents a strategic location to many businesses which cater to both local and foreign tourists. Its strategic location is highly complemented by the scenic parklands that are scattered throughout its surroundings. Capping the spectacular landscape is the gorgeous River Torrens that beautifully traverses across the city. Commercial establishments will truly enjoy good businesses in this area.

For tourists, this area should also be a must-visit not only because of the wonderful sight-seeing activities that the travellers will experience but most importantly for the convenience and plenty other benefits that it provides.

Necessities Within Reach

For tourists who decide to stay in one of the hotels within the city centre, the major benefit is having all the necessities within reach. Since many types of businesses situate themselves within this location, then it is the perfect location to easily access all your essential need for water and food supply. It is also the prime area for Adelaide’s leisure spots. All of these are just within a walking distance or only a few metres away from the accommodation.

The city centre is structured to offer a hub of almost everything that tourists and residents will require in their daily routine so it is not far-fetched to find items from the most common to the rarest of need. For tourists, this is added boost to their travel experience because it eliminates their need to worry for the body’s essential needs. They can then just focus on enjoying their travel adventures.

Many food establishments and food shops have placed their businesses within Adelaide Oval because of the advantageous foot traffic that the location offers. This gives the businesses in the food sector a powerful privilege to enjoy successful marketing exposure in a strategic location.

This, in turn, is a huge plus for tourists who are scouring the area for the best food cuisines. Since there is a high competition for restaurants and other food shops, tourists can also expect a huge variety and high quality of gastronomic choices which will wonderfully complement with their travel experience in Adelaide.

Tourists who choose to stay within the city centre also have the important advantage of easy access to other historical, cultural and fun tourist attractions.

The city centre is a gateway to many other Adelaide tourist spots that are only a walking distance or just a few metres away, like the North Terrace, the Parliament House, The Adelaide Botanic Garden, the Art Gallery of South Australia, the South Australian Museum, Adelaide Festival Centre, the Adelaide Zoo, and many other nearby tourist attractions.

Adelaide Oval in the city centre can also become a starting point to reach farther Adelaide tourist locations like the majestic Murray River, where tourists can enjoy unlimited cruising adventure. It can also become the starting point for tourists who wish to tour the Kangaroo Island, or revel in a South Australian wine tasting spectacle in the premier wine regions of McLaren Vale, Barossa, and Clare Valley.

Tourists can even easily reach the beach side spots of Victor Harbor, Port Willunga, Fleurieu Peninsula, and Normanville Goolwa, or immerse themselves in a trekking adventure in the picturesque Adelaide Hills to the villages of Aldgate, Stirling, or Hahndorf, if they are starting their trip from their accommodation within the city centre.

Complete Your Adelaide Travel Experience

Tourists planning to fulfill their goals of exploring all that Adelaide has to offer will successfully achieve exactly that if they base their itineraries around Adelaide Oval in the city centre. The city centre is not only a strategic spot where necessities are easily available, but this important area is also a gateway to other premier locations for Adelaide tourist attractions.

Why photography is a booming biz in Australia

A wedding photographer can make or break the very special occasion. Usually, wedding photos are kept until the end of time as the story is told to generation to generation.  There have been quite a few horror stories about photographers who simply messed up, like not being able to get good shots or not being there during crucial moments. This is the reason why there is a rise in photo booth businesses in Australia, because certainly no one wants to have a wedding that is not done justice through photos. When it comes to milestones like weddings and birthdays, the perfect photographer needs a lot of deliberation.

Worth the price

A wedding photographer is usually worth its hefty price. They usually know when to take that perfect shot outside the church just when they head out or when the lady catches the bride’s garter. Photo booth businesses in Australia usually do the job of documentation during the reception, as the guests are free to enter the booth and snap the night away with the others. The assigned photographer is usually in charge of taking candid moments during the entire wedding, while the photo booth is there for those who want to express how much fun they are having during the wedding.

Photo booths in Australia are very popular at any social gathering as they are inexpensive and very portable. The premise of photo booths is also quite simple. It’s just a small space where they can get photos instantly. This is also a different form of a wedding photographer, as a lot of those who avail of these services are for their nuptials. The business is also quite booming in Australia, as more and more companies are opening up shop. It’s just a matter of these companies to know their edge over the other. This can be in competitive pricing or unique customization offers.

Why avail of photographers and booths

The job of a wedding photographer is difficult, as their job is to not miss anything momentous during the very important occasion. They also have assistants along with them, so that means more expenses for the couple to be wed. This is why a lot of couples simply opt for photo booths in Australia instead as there is no mouth to be fed and the guests really just find their way to the booth. Couples also have the option of requiring their guests to go to the booth themselves.

Sometimes, couples and other clients go for photo booths in Australia rather than an actual wedding photographer. However, if they decide to cover all bases during the said event, hiring one is vital. Cutting costs might be cutting quality as well, and that isn’t something clients want for their big days. Photo booths play a huge role on their own especially during receptions as it’s a source of joy and fun for the guests. With every picture the booth takes, it has a story to tell and it shows the experiences their guests had on the special day.

Why you should get one

For any occasion, it is very important to document it and immortalize the milestones. This is where a wedding photographer and photo booths come in. For clients, they don’t have to worry about anything in terms of documentation and keeping memories of their special days. Clients must also not scrimp on the fees, and they must make sure that they are hiring legitimate businesses and professionals. As photographers and photo booth services are now more accessible than ever, finding the best one for any occasion is just as easy too.

What Makes Australian Medical Credentialing Companies Relevant?

Medical credentialing is the process of verifying the education, training, skills, and competency of a medical professional or any health care provider who is required by law to obtain a licence before being allowed to practice. While it may just be called a process, medical credentialing companies undergo labour-intensive procedures to achieve the verification process going to the primary sources of: the licences obtained; medical schools attended; medical education completed including internships, residencies, and fellowships, among many others.

In other words, the process is very demanding and could take a long time to reach completion.

The Medical Credentialing Process

Medical credentialing has been utilised by many health care facilities in Australia to determine the competency of health care providers and thus preserve the high standard of excellent medical services that these facilities aim to provide.

In order to have a clearer picture on how the credentialing process takes place, here outlined is a general flow of the procedure.

  1. Submission of Application

The medical professional who expresses interest in participating and meets the standards and administrative requirements set by the medical organisation (such as the Australian Medical Council)is invited to apply. The applicant will then complete a credentialing application form.

This application includes a signed release form that will grant the medical organisation access toimportant information regarding the applicant. The application is accompanied by copies of the medical professional’s current licences and registration cards.

  1. Initial Screening of the Application

Prior to proceeding to the next step, the application will be reviewed and determined for completeness of basic requirements. Incomplete requirements cannot proceed for screening by the Chief Medical Officer (CMO). The CMO determines whether the application warrants a preliminary interview and gives the go signal to initiate the full credentialing process.

  1. Site Visit and Assessment

The next step is a site visit which will be conducted as a part of the primary credential verification. The applicant is informed that a facility assessment will be taking place before the application is presented to a Credentialing Committee. The site visit includes the following:

  • Assessment of the medical practitioner’s physical accessibility
  • Assessment of the medical professional’s physical appearance
  • Assessment of the applicant’s availability of appointments
  • Auditing of the applicant’s medical record keeping process,which includes assessment of how the medical practitioner organises his or her files, how he or she documents information regarding care, how he or she uses this information, and how he or she maintains patient information confidentiality
  • Assessing the applicant’s quality of care, which can be done by examining an applicant’s medical record selected at random and then comparing it with the standards of care set by the Australian Medical Council or Medical Board of Australia.
  1. Primary Source Verification

This step aims to verify the medical practitioner’s legal authority to practice as well as his or her relevant experience, including trainings, internships, fellowships, etc. An external agency may be used by the Medical Council to verify information from the primary source. In this case, the Medical Council will assume the responsibility of overseeing the relevant process, such as:

  • Affirming the validity of the medical practitioner’s licence/s to practice
  • Verifying the status of privileges that the medical professional claims to enjoy at a hospital he or she has designated as his or her primary admitting facility
  • Affirming the validity of the medical professional’s certificate/s
  • Verifying the applicant’s completion of education from a medical school and other healthcare related training and residency from a healthcare facility
  • Affirming the validity of his or her board certification, if he or she claims to be board certified
  1. File Preparation for Submission to the Credentialing Committee

After the preliminary screenings, pertinent documents will be filed and consolidated in preparation for a presentation to the Credentialing Committee. This file usually includes:

  • Fully accomplished credentialing application form
  • Results of the site visit and medical record keeping audit
  • Results of the primary source verification
  • The medical professional’s work history
  • All other data relevant to the credentialing process of the applicant
  1. Applicant’s Information Entered Into the Database

After all the pertinent data and files have been received, the applicant’s credentialing file will be entered into the Medical Council’s credentialing database. It will be readied in preparation for the presentation to the Credentialing Committee. The database is also useful in tracking the progress of the medical professional’s credentialing application.

  1. Final Decision

The Credentialing Committee will then decide whether the applicant is accepted or rejected. The Credentialing Committee is comprised of medical practitioners who are experts on technical knowledge and current practices of the medical field. The Credentialing Committee reviews all applications and selects those who have complied with the basic qualifications. All applicants will then be notified of the Credentialing Committee’s decision. The notification will also include an appeals process which is useful for the applications that have been rejected.

  1. The Re-credentialing Phase

In the event of rejection, a re-credentialing process can be initiated on a specific date that the Credentialing Committee will set. This is usually set at least two years after the first failed credentialing decision.

The Advantages of Medical Credentialing Companies

With the tremendous task that the medical credentialing process entails, it is no wonder that the medical credentialing business has grown in popularity over the past years. Medical credentialing companies like Addval Inc. bravely carry on their shoulders the Herculean task of representing medical practitioners and working for their application to ensure that the final judgement from the Credentialing Committee is positive.

Addval Inc. is an Australian business specifically formed to answer the needs of medical practitioners on everything related to medical credentialing. They have been in the medical credentialing business for over 20 years now. You can be sure that they are confident in delivering guaranteed success for any credential application in every state across Australia.

Michelle McFarlane, RN, MSN, MBA, and her team of professional, highly competent staff at Addvil Inc. have experienced all types of credentialing situations and have seen everything. This has given them the privilege to be currently working with a large number of medical practitioners amounting to more than 5,000 practitioners they represent today.

The best thing is that the company offers various credentialing packages that will suit any need. They offer packages for new practice/new physicians, packages for expanding practice, state licencing packages, and even offer a customised credentialing package that will surely answer any medical practitioner’s needs.

So, if you are looking for a medical credentialing company that will surely answer all your needs, do not hesitate to log on to and discover the easier, stress-free way to undergo medical credentialing with a high guarantee of approval. A friendly and experienced professional will be more than willing to help answer all your enquiries.

Where Nursery Product And Furniture Business In Australia Is Headed In 5 Years

In case you don’t know it yet, Australia is one of the world’s top producers of furniture made from local raw materials. We pride ourselves in being loyal to home-grown products and authentic designs. Not only do we patronize our own, we also export products around the world to share our brand. That is why we make sure to maintain certain quality standards and continue to look for ways to improve what is already good. Even the furniture for kids are not any less of a masterpiece, from the baby cot, kiddie sofa, to the play pen.

Another thing you may have missed if you’re not very particular with details or just not exposed enough, is that down under, we value children’s health and safety above everything else. There is an undeniable obsession even, to the extent of crafting miniature beds, chairs, and tables to match that of the parents’. Okay, so obsession may not be the appropriate term. The point is, both furniture and kids’ stuff will always be relevant in Australia. Therefore, it is a fairly practical business venture.

Healthy Competition

There are a lot of nursery product and furniture businesses in Australia, but it doesn’t mean startups have no chance of making it in this market. Most of the entrepreneurs and venture capitalists themselves love the idea too much to welcome any new company on the block, as competition is seen as an opportunity for growth in business rather than a threat. They all have a common purpose, and that is to improve living conditions, support local goods, and promote lifestyle education and safety for children.

In 5 Years…

The Australian market, along with the rest of the world, has moved on to the new age of business. Most commercial transactions are done online these days. But the best part about being an Aussie businessman in a modern world is being laid back and very approachable, giving customers and potential investors a sense of ease about embracing technology. Many are afraid of change. Australians are just not too aggressive towards innovation which is why we adapt to the new ways without breaking a sweat.

So in a span of 5 years, nursery product and furniture businesses down under will head anywhere but down. Ideas for new materials or designs will probably be the most significant change, maybe even the diversity of the target market as well. With the help of the internet, of course, there’s a global reach. Any major problem is unlikely just as long as producers and manufacturers stick to the method that works best and avoid unnecessary mass production.


If you consider yourself as a home improvement and furniture enthusiast, before looking at anything else, always check the choices you have among what your country has to offer. Furthermore, if you love kids or have children of your own, it is a valuable lesson you can teach them to frequently buy and use locally-made products. The children truly are the future, and a bright future can spring from something as simple as buying a play pen for baby from a native enterprise.