Turkish Social Media in Australia

Usage of social media by the Turkish community in Australia was initially hampered by the general reluctance of community members to have computers in their homes, according to one academic study. In one instance, members of the Turkish community who were being housed in the e-Ace project at Atherton Gardens high rise public housing estate […]

Waste Management in Turkey: Rampant Consumerism Leading To Environmental Disaster

There is a rapid increase in industrial and technological development in Turkey. Advancement in technology and economic growth finds an increase in consumer consumption. Consumerism or the maximum utilisation of available resources both natural and man-made is the driving force behind its economic development. When people buy stuff, stuff is manufactured and jobs are created. […]

Investigating Corruption in Turkey: Courageous People Stand Up

Power struggles in Turkey between the government and the military have resulted in claims of corruption within the government through the activities of family members within the ruling elite. It has resulted in the arrest and interviewing of numerous people associated with the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP). Around eighteen million dollars has been […]

Turkey’s Health Providers Working Around The World

Medical education in Turkey is at par with medical education standards in the world. It has been providing world-class medical education to thousands of Turkish and foreign students for years. Turkey has 60 medical faculties which can compete with medical education institution around the world. Physicians who graduated can get successful medical results in world-wide […]

Improve Your Travel Agency Website by Following the Right Google Penalty Recovery Strategy

Any travel agency would like to see its website featured among the top sites on Google. And in their desire to achieve this, many website owners and masters try all kinds of strategies which include content creation, backlinking, keyword distribution and more. However, many-a-times their strategy yield negative results that lead to their websites being […]

Cultural Groups Worth Connecting With in Australia

There are many cultural groups in Australia. According to the 2011 Census, Australians came from over 200 countries. Each group has its own cultural diversity resulting from history, regional differences and other factors such as class, intermarriage and urban and rural environments. Modern liberal democracy in Australia can be attributed to multiculturalism. Australians have the […]

Ten Turkish Foods Loved The World Over

Gözleme You will find a traditional savory Turkish flatbread and pastry dish in the form of Gözleme which is made of hand-rolled leaves of yufka dough that are lightly brushed with butter and eggs, filled with various toppings, sealed, and cooked over a griddle. It is popular since you will be able to find bunch […]

Sex Slavery: Turkey Must Not Be A Gateway Country

Whenever there are war zones in the world they are most always accompanied by organised crime and prostitution. Sex slavery: Turkey must not be a gateway country, as we have seen happened in Bosnia and in so many other prolonged conflicts around the globe. It reminds me that humanity has not changed much in two […]