Turkish Industry Embracing The Digital Economy

Online is the future with regards to doing business and the industry seems to embrace such change and innovation with open arms. This is quite apparent as a huge number of companies have geared up and integrated their services over the internet. The digital economy has indeed been thriving growing in immense popularity over the […]

Turkish Furniture: A History Of Excellence

Turkish furniture may not ring too many bells with some because they would be far more familiar with the name Ottoman. The Ottoman couch is but one very famous form of the Ottoman style of furniture. The foot stool or pouffe is another popular form of the ottoman. Ottomans can be beds or sofas depending […]

The Spiritual Needs of Elderly Turkish People in Australia

Australia, and Victoria in particular, has a relatively large population of Turkish immigrants; and many of these people are now in their elderly years. In general, they are not highly educated, with only about eleven percent achieving a tertiary education. In the main, they are worshippers of Islam. Although, it is difficult to establish exact […]

Horse Racing Can Rejuvenate the Turkish Economy

There is a nobility about horses and the way that they strut about the place. It is the reason why rich people are attracted to horses and horse racing. The horse has special status amongst us Homo sapiens because of our shared history in battle, work and travel. Humanity became mobile through the horse; we […]

Why You Need Training on Personal Development

Australian institute of personal development provides with a course to enhance life skills. Tailored by a professional life coach, the course imparts skills required to make your life much better and easier. The program by Robert Kirby is fit for people of all walks of life irrespective of sex or age. Personal development training is […]

Factors To Consider When Choosing Corporate Entertainment Companies in Sydney

Corporate entertainment is a broad term whose definition cannot be limited to a particular set of entities. This is because corporate entertainment encompasses different forms of entertainment required for corporate organizations or special events in this field. These include performances by established groups, team building, MC services, speaker services and comedy acts. If you are […]

Planning for a Business Succession

It takes a lifetime to build a successful business but failure to have a good succession plan might be the main reason for business failure. Recent studies show that in Australia, less than 30 percent of businesses have a good succession plan. However not all succession plans are successfully executed. This in turn affects the […]