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Societal Debt, Refugees, ISIS & the European Union

The startling fact that oil is now cheaper than water in Turkey, with the price under thirty dollars a barrel and it may fall to twenty dollars, the world economy is doing no favours to Turkey. Turkey is an importer

Relevance of Business Valuation In The Australian Economy

Craig West Business Valuation

The Australian economy has been among the major aspects of focus on the recent times. There is an increase in the household sector. The consumption has been on the rise in the recent years. One area that has had a

Why You Need Training on Personal Development

personal development Robert Kirby Sydney

Australian institute of personal development provides with a course to enhance life skills. Tailored by a professional life coach, the course imparts skills required to make your life much better and easier. The program by Robert Kirby is fit for

Factors To Consider When Choosing Corporate Entertainment Companies in Sydney

corporate entertainment

Corporate entertainment is a broad term whose definition cannot be limited to a particular set of entities. This is because corporate entertainment encompasses different forms of entertainment required for corporate organizations or special events in this field. These include performances

Planning for a Business Succession

Succession planning

It takes a lifetime to build a successful business but failure to have a good succession plan might be the main reason for business failure. Recent studies show that in Australia, less than 30 percent of businesses have a good

Hiring Private Airport Transfers In Brisbane: What You Need To Know

airport transfers Brisbane

Travel has become a quintessential part of many people’s careers across the globe. This corporate form of travel has been interwoven with leisure travel, and the growth of Australian tourism is testament to this. Planning for these trips can get

Travel Business – An Overview

Introduction In spite of the economic turn down that affected nearly every industry in Australia, travel and tour businesses are growing at a fast pace. Whether it’s to a conference or business meeting, to spend holidays with grandparents or just