Why Australians Are Spending $8.5B on Weight Loss Programs, Wellness Products and Services

In a 2015 report of The Sun corp Bank Cost of Being Fit, it was found out that Australians spend as much as 8.5 billion dollars every year on gym memberships, sports equipment, and on the latest weight loss programs and wellness fads. We take a look at possible reasons on this current trend in […]

What Makes Australian Medical Credentialing Companies Relevant?

Medical credentialing is the process of verifying the education, training, skills, and competency of a medical professional or any health care provider who is required by law to obtain a licence before being allowed to practice. While it may just be called a process, medical credentialing companies undergo labour-intensive procedures to achieve the verification process […]

Turkey’s Health Providers Working Around The World

Medical education in Turkey is at par with medical education standards in the world. It has been providing world-class medical education to thousands of Turkish and foreign students for years. Turkey has 60 medical faculties which can compete with medical education institution around the world. Physicians who graduated can get successful medical results in world-wide […]