Crime On The Rise In Turkey: Home Security A Frightening Frontier

What do you do when you live in a country which borders war torn Syria and has Bulgaria and Russia on its other borders? Terrorism and crime come to mind pretty quickly; and how do you stay safe inside a place like that? Home security becomes an enormous issue, as does security for your place of business, recreation and worship. All aspects of your life are threatened by the madness of war and the undesirables who come with it.

Organise crime loves wars, as its nefarious elements can exploit the laxness of rules and regulations being administered in areas that are ravaged by conflict. Locking up your property and possessions becomes a must do and consulting a locksmith is highly advisable. Security alarms and sensor lighting, installing safes and bars on the windows and doors, can all help keep the wolf from the door. CCTV for all businesses operating in Turkish cities would not only be a personal security measure, but would also aid security forces in identifying transgressors like terrorists.

Crime on the rise in Turkey: home security a frightening frontier is a fair enough statement in these challenging times for Turkish residents. It is a sad state of affairs in a land which was known for its friendliness and open doors. The twenty first century has become the battleground for extremist groups who wish to redress their powerlessness by attacking those who represent, or align themselves with, the status quo. This is not a religious war; it is a series of skirmishes fought for power and wealth under the banner of jihad. The people at the head of the snake know it is not about God; they are exploiting gullible youths who wish to find meaning in their lives through involvement in some glorious action.

Killing cannot beget divinity; it is a shameful lie, and the religious connotations ought to be studiously ignored. These actions are a power grab, as are all despicable actions that involve killing and maiming. Turkey finds itself next door to a war zone and a temporary home to some two point two million Syrian refugees. People who have fled the extreme danger that has engulfed their own country; as Sunni and Shiite forces fight for control of Syria and Iraq. Religion and culture cannot really be separated and these violent actions have little to do with God. They are all about power and wealth.