Cultural Groups Worth Connecting With in Australia


There are many cultural groups in Australia. According to the 2011 Census, Australians came from over 200 countries. Each group has its own cultural diversity resulting from history, regional differences and other factors such as class, intermarriage and urban and rural environments. Modern liberal democracy in Australia can be attributed to multiculturalism. Australians have the same basic rights to practice and maintain their cultural heritage, tradition and language within the law. Here are some cultural groups worth connecting with in Australia:

Turkish Australian Culture House Inc. (TACH)
TACH is a non-profit organisation with members and executive committee members working on a voluntary basis to serve the Turkish Community in Western Australia. It fosters community awareness and interest in cultural, educational, social and sporting matters of the Turkish people. It affiliates with other organizations for inter-cultural understanding and development. It also encourages and promotes Turkish Language to children and general public through educational activities. TACH organises functions to celebrate national and religious days and facilitates occasions to exchange ideas on cultural issues.

Alliance Francaise de Sydney
AFS is an independent, not-for-profit cultural and language organisation promoting Franco-Australian exchange since 1899. Their mission is to spread the French language and culture beyond the French borders. AFS is housed in an attractive building designed by Harry Seidler in the heart of Sydney, it has a media centre and a French Cafe. It offers French courses and holds cultural events. AFS has been holding the annual Alliance Française French Film Festival since 1989. This prestigious festival has become a very important event in Australia with an exponential increase in attendees every year.

ACM Group Sydney – Asian Australian Cultural Management Group
ACM Group is an Asian-Australian Cultural Management Group based in Sydney celebrating and promoting harmony through music, the arts & cultural events. They help foster positive interactions between Australians, Asians and Asian Australians. They promote Asian-Australian art, music, culture, restaurants, social events and other interactive cultural phenomenon. They also promote events and give public guidance to social and cultural activities. Visit ACM Group Facebook Page  to connect with them.

Australian Arabic Council
AAC organisation is committed to human rights and community relations issues affecting the Arabic culture and profile. It focuses on the relationship between the Australian Arabic community and the Australian community. They promote Arabic community participation in Australian social, cultural and political life. The organisation run proactive projects, research the effects and develop, implement and advocate for wide ranging solutions to racism; and consistently promote human rights and community relations.

Centre for Multicultural Youth
CMY focuses on young 12-25 years old from migrant and refugee backgrounds that are newly-arrived to Australia to help them adjust to unfamiliar cultural, academic and social expectations. They help the youth have the sense of wellbeing and belonging by diminishing racism and discrimination. They believe that young people have the enterprise, resilience and optimism to contribute to the continued prosperity of Australia.

Chinese Australian Historical Society Inc.
The goal of CAHS is to advance the study of the history of Chinese in Australia by holding seminars, workshops and conferences. The topics include Chinese Australian family histories; clan organisations in Sydney; the home villages in Guangdong of early Chinese Australians; the trans-pacific Chinese; Chinese stores in country New South Wales; the history of the Chinese Women’s Association of Australia; and, archival records and how to use them, etc. Different activities are geared to promote public knowledge and understanding of the contributions made by the Chinese people to Australia.

Australian American Association
AAA aimed to build friendship, mutual understanding and co-operation between the peoples of Australia and the United States of America. The Association has striven to achieve these ambitious goals over the years. The Sir John Crawford Scholarship was established in 1989, to help young Canberrans to travel to the USA to advance their area of study and research that will benefit their career or personal development.

Australian Scottish Community
ASC promotes the involvement of people with Scottish heritage to promote and maintain the Scots culture and heritage in Australia. It helps to strengthen the links between those of Scottish heritage within Australia and worldwide. It also promotes festivals of Scottish nature for the benefit of the entire community. ASC offers information on Scotland, Scottish Tourism, Scottish websites and Scottish crafts.

CO.AS.IT is a non-profit organisation for Italians and Australians of Italian descent. It was established in 1967 to provide a range of social welfare services in response to the needs of the Italian migrant settlers in Australia. The objective of the organisation is to provide cultural and linguistic services for Italian migrants and their descendants, to enable them to achieve their full potential in the wider Australian society.

Russian Ethnic Community Council
RECC is a voluntary, non-profit making organisation which supports charity work for people of Russian origin. The community aims to preserve and develop Russian Cultural legacy among people of Russian descent and to familiarise the mainstream Australian society with it as well as to foster links between Australia and Russia in social, economic, sporting, educational and cultural spheres. It also carries out intensive work with adolescents of Russian descent so as to preserve Russian language and traditions, and to pass on their cultural heritage.