Improve Your Travel Agency Website by Following the Right Google Penalty Recovery Strategy

travel business Google Penalty Recovery

Any travel agency would like to see its website featured among the top sites on Google. And in their desire to achieve this, many website owners and masters try all kinds of strategies which include content creation, backlinking, keyword distribution and more. However, many-a-times their strategy yield negative results that lead to their websites being penalized. What this means is that they violated Google’s guidelines which can at times lead to the site being banned from their search engines. Poor back linking, keyword stuffing, and low-quality content are some reasons that may lead to a site being penalized.

How Travel Websites Get Penalized

Boosting traffic to your travel site is key to attracting new customers as well as maintaining existing clients. However, this has become more challenging in recent times as every site desires to rank on the top. This has led to SEO experts and marketers trying out any strategy that may work. Google generally uses either manual or automated algorithm checks to find any violators. According to statistics, Google runs over 400,000 manual checks every month. They also rely on Panda and Penguin which are the leading algorithms and are more stringent than previous ones.

Google Penalty Recovery A Necessity

After having their travel website penalized, many people unfortunately don’t do anything about it. They simply let it go or create another site which leads them back to square one. It also means the travel agency losing its customers and credibility. Records show that out of the more than 400,000 manual searches plus the algorithm bans, only 20,000 submissions for reconsideration are done by the webmasters monthly. This represents a mere 5% of the affected websites. Many fail to follow up the process because of lack of knowledge or not knowing how to go about it.

How to Recover From Any Google Penalty

The good news though is that you can restore your website’s credibility and ranking by initiating the right penalty recovery process. Any SEO expert or webmaster knows the value of following the right recovery process. It should be easy, effective, and promises good results. The first step is identifying the type of penalty –is it manual or algorithm? The next step is ascertaining what caused the penalty- was it because Google quality control team came across spammy content, or Panda algorithm discovered low quality or duplicated content, or Penguin detected bad anchor text distribution or backlinks?

Don’t throw in the towel simply because your site has been penalized. Don’t risk it being penalized again or banned in the near future. Also, you shouldn’t see the rankings continue to drop. What you need is the right penalty recovery process that will restore your website reputation as well as boost traffic. We pride on being a leading firm that can help you discover if a Google penalty is the cause of the drop in traffic. Our experienced employees will go out of there way to ensure your travel site is back on track. We also employ tools that keep checking the latest algorithms and ensuring your website is compliant. Get the right Google Penalty Recovery service today and see your travel agency website rankings improve.