How To Keep Your Employees Happy

employee wellbeing

A lot of companies will tell you that in order to keep the machine well-oiled and running, you must keep your workers happy. The employees are what make the business good, and if employee wellbeing isn’t something being prioritized, then it’ll show in the output and the quality of work rendered. There are many ways to keep their happiness and satisfaction at an optimal rate, some of these are implementing enough time for them to focus on recreation and health at work. Some companies just think about maximum production, but without enough space, this might actually result to less production. Here are some ways you can keep your very important employees happy and satisfied.

Add some color to your office

Offices like Google and General Mills have broken free from traditional office exteriors to keep their employees engaged and encouraged for work. They have quirky features like a wide array of cereals and sleeping pods. If companies give enough opportunity for their employees to actually have down time under their roofs, then they’ll see their job as less of a chore. Creating that comfortable environment for the workers is important when it comes to stress reduction, because their tasks are daunting as it is – so why make it even more stressful with the coldness of white walls and cubicles?

Health benefits and so much more

Other than providing more than appealing pay packages to workers, it is important that they have enough benefits to cover them and maybe a dependent or two. Working hours come into play when it comes to employee wellbeing as well, since longer hours spent in the office might cause overall health deterioration. Poorer health conditions will lead to lower productivity and happiness. Providing health cards can help, but there are other ways of giving importance to employees’ health at the workplace.

Health and wellness programs

A lot of companies have health and wellness programs that they hold in their office premises. The programs include workout classes, discounted gym passes, healthy snacks, and regular medical checkups. Some even take the extra mile by giving free vaccinations.  These health and wellness programs have been proven to have very positive results in the overall disposition of their employees. If the company has enough funds to open up a gym in their office building, then that would be great as well. Overall, giving priority to workers’ health through these programs gives a sense of care to those workers under their wing. A company who evidently cares is one that workers are happy to work for.

A healthy workplace is a happy one, so if a company plans on implementing a wellness program in their premises – then a lot of measures must be observed. First, they should survey if the employees are interested in holding fitness classes in their offices. Second, the company must cover the costs of these classes. Third, it should cater to both male and female – and of all ages. A fitness czar must be appointed within the office, and he or she must update other participants if there are any classes coming their way. Also, this czar is essential in the company to make sure that the program is going well. If more employees participate in classes, then the other workers will gain interest in joining the program. The more members, the more successful the program will be.

Rather than spending on workers’ health when they’re sick, you can avoid this kind of expenditure by creating programs that aim to make their health better. This is one mindset that a lot of companies should adapt. A lot of successful enterprises merit their success to their workers, and with programs that focus on their wellbeing, and then they’ll be more than happy to create a partnership towards that level of success. It might sound cliché, but a lot of companies treat their workers like family. If these workers feel that, then they’ll definitely be more than motivated to work hard with them.

Employee wellbeing and health at work are two things that should be given importance by any business – as it is proven to be very rewarding for both parties. While production is very important, it must be kept in mind that their fuel comes from happiness and satisfaction. If companies make an effort to take care of each employee, then they’ll definitely see the return of investment tenfold.