Turkish Social Media in Australia

Usage of social media by the Turkish community in Australia was initially hampered by the general reluctance of community members to have computers in their homes, according to one academic study. In one instance, members of the Turkish community who were being housed in the e-Ace project at Atherton Gardens high rise public housing estate in Melbourne’s inner city, refused the free computers and internet connection being offered because of concerns about their women and children accessing culturally inappropriate material, like pornography. Of course, these concerns are also shared by many other Australians from all sorts of cultural backgrounds.

Twitter seems to be a popular place for many Turkish Australians to social network and share their passions for sport (soccer), good food, Australian politics and what is happening back in their homeland. Cenkbaban is an example of one such individual who is utilising this social media platform to share his interests and commentary. The opening of an exciting new Turkish restaurant in Sydney’s Enmore conveys what a good medium Twitter is for the natural promotion through digitalised word of mouth; no better marketing for a restaurant. Food is such a primal link for migrants, as memories of the dishes cooked by their parents are evoked by the consumption of more recent versions of them in cafes and restaurants.

Turkish Social Media in Australia

Serpil Senelmis a Turkish Perth woman is now an ABC Radio producer in Melbourne. She covered the 100th Gallipoli celebrations last year. Serpil uses both Twitter and Linked in to share her opinions and social commentary with friends, peers and followers. The Turkish community in Australia, has in its more recent generations, made positive use of social media to both transcend its borders and maintain connections. The Internet has made the world a smaller place, enabling migrants to reconnect with loved ones back in the homeland, when the Turkish authorities allow its people to make use of social media.

What does the future hold for Turkish social media in Australia? Turkish restaurants and businesses can make use of social media platforms to promote themselves within the greater community. A social media agency can be useful in managing the opportunities afforded by the medium. Turkish clubs and associations can also make positive use of the channel to promote the wellbeing of their members. Social media is ultimately about community, as most of its platforms were designed specifically for that purpose. The Turkish community here will only be richer for its uptake of the medium.


Waste Management in Turkey: Rampant Consumerism Leading To Environmental Disaster

There is a rapid increase in industrial and technological development in Turkey. Advancement in technology and economic growth finds an increase in consumer consumption. Consumerism or the maximum utilisation of available resources both natural and man-made is the driving force behind its economic development. When people buy stuff, stuff is manufactured and jobs are created. This process of consumption is important to keep the economy growing. A big part of economic activity today is selling products designed for the dump or easily discarded. This throwaway economy is extracting more and more of nature into products for sale which eventually ends up as waste.

The problems with consumerism are: mass production needs to procure raw materials in bulk which affects the scarce natural resources. Depletion of natural resources leads to environmental degradation. Use of excessive energy to finish production needs more fossil fuels. Increased reliance fossil fuels and automobiles cause more pollution. Increasing level of consumption and production require greater energy input and generate large quantities of waste products. Limitless consumption is putting too heavy burden on the planet. Our rampant consumerism is leading to environmental disaster.

Unnecessary consumerism is the root of many of today’s environmental problems. The two main effects of consumerism on the environment are: pollution and environmental degradation. Pollution such as air, water, soil, light, noise, thermal, radioactive come from different sources have different consequences but they are all interconnected. The avoidance of what drives our environmental pollution problems is a psychological issue. The psychology of polluters is rooted in man’s desire for convenience. Convenience is at the bottom of pollution in its residential and industrial manifestations.

Pollution is often caused directly due to inefficiency in waste disposal. The effects of pollution is many and wide-ranging. The excessive levels of pollution can cause great damage to human and animal health and to the environment. Major environmental disaster have been caused by environmental degradation. The deterioration of the environment caused by the depletion of natural resources can cause environmental imbalance. If there will be a continuing increase in environmental imbalance, there will come a time when earth will reach a point of no return. The planet will no longer be able to support its own functioning.

The increasing consumption creates larger amount of waste materials. Turkey has a problem with waste. Although garbage trucks do the rounds on a regular basis, the problem starts when the waste is delivered to uncovered landfills and left to rot. The biggest problem in waste management in Turkey stems from uncovered landfills which produce methane emission. The country’s overall methane emission increased by 52% between 1990 to present. The overall greenhouse gas emission related to waste increased by 120% during the same time period.

Most municipal solid waste are organic in nature and quarter of it is recyclable. Waste separation education through social media will help the government to involve the public to achieve its aim. Separate collection programmes for recyclable household waste is an evidence of public involvement and acceptance. Turkey aims to cut biodegradable waste in landfills by introducing stricter waste rules. Government efforts in waste management in Turkey include a reform of the Turkish waste industry. Introduction of more sanitary landfills, waste separation, recycling and waste-energy recovery are being done by the government to address its waste management problems.

Investigating Corruption in Turkey: Courageous People Stand Up

Power struggles in Turkey between the government and the military have resulted in claims of corruption within the government through the activities of family members within the ruling elite. It has resulted in the arrest and interviewing of numerous people associated with the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP). Around eighteen million dollars has been seized by police in Turkey, which was allegedly used for bribery. Bank directors, the sons of politicians and shady businessmen are alleged to be tied up in a web of corruption at the very top of the Turkish administration.

Fourteen people have been accused of bribery, corruption, fraud, money laundering and smuggling gold. Four cabinet ministers within the government have been forced to resign. In response there have been allegations that  the entire investigation is as an attempt at a coup, instigated by the military, to topple the government. Also there have been sackings of thousands of police, prosecutors and judges; and crack downs on the media’s coverage of the investigation.

Investigating corruption in Turkey: courageous people stand up, but many of them have been quickly silenced. The question of which series of allegations from either side of the furor to believe is at the heart of the matter. A government minister has hinted that Israel was involved in the attempt to destabilise the ruling party in Turkey. The AKP have pointed the finger at both the US and Israel over the last twelve months. Investigation techniques training may be needed if future investigations are to stand up to official scrutiny.

Most recently, the graft probe has  been shut down,  and the seized money has been returned, with interest, to those previously accused of corruption. Disappointingly Turkey is now considered by Transparency International’s annual Corruption Perception Index to be more likely to be involved in corruption.  This is extremely damaging for the Turkish economy and future foreign investment.

The challenges facing Turkey, with Syria on its border and Daesh actively pursuing a local terrorist agenda, are immense. It will take strong leadership and a powerful intent to resist corruption if Turkey is to emerge from the challenges intact and economically growing. The Ottoman Empire was, eventually, brought down as much by internal corruption as it was by external forces; one can only hope that the current Turkish administration can learn from the pages of history what it must do to survive and thrive. Power is a two edged sword and it must be wielded with both wisdom and authority.

Turkey’s Health Providers Working Around The World

Medical education in Turkey is at par with medical education standards in the world. It has been providing world-class medical education to thousands of Turkish and foreign students for years. Turkey has 60 medical faculties which can compete with medical education institution around the world. Physicians who graduated can get successful medical results in world-wide fields. According to JCI certificates Turkey is the third health care provider country in the world today.

Turkey’s health providers are working around the world. According to our research, there are approximately 200 Turkish doctors practicing in the tri-state area in the US. Most of them obtained their education in Turkey and took the necessary requirements to be able to practice their field of specialisation. Cardiologist, internist and dentist are the most Turkish physicians practicing in the US. Most of them graduated from prestigious medical schools such as Ankara University, Capa, Cerrahpasa and Hacettepe.

Aside from the US you will also find many Turkish health providers working in Europe and other Western liberal countries like United Kingdom, France, Germany Switzerland and Scandinavian countries. Many high-level professionals’ particularly medical doctors became established and migrated to these countries. The main reasons for migration are need for professional advancement, unsatisfactory working conditions, unsatisfactory professional income and more comfortable living conditions abroad.

Turkish community living abroad amounts to more than five million people. Most of them live in Western European countries, Northern America and Middle East. Majority of the Turkish community abroad is permanently residing in the country of their choice where they obtained citizenship. The population of Turkish community is increasing mainly due to family reunification and high birth rate. Many Turkish-born health providers end up working in the prestigious Australian health system which is one of the world’s best funded healthcare. The Turkish community has significantly contributed to the economic, political, social and cultural development of the host countries.

Turkey has brought modern medical care to different countries on four continents. Turkish health providers like doctors, nurses, dentist, osteopaths and other medical practitioners are set to provide regular health services in Asia, Middle East, Central America and African countries as a result of cooperation between several non-governmental organisations and the Turkish Cooperation and Development Agency (TİKA). In the past years health providers have made children’s health services and health screenings such as providing colposcopy or cervical cancer screenings for people worldwide. They’ve performed surgeries, laser therapy, and distributed tons of medicine aside from flying patients to Turkey for treatment when their medical needs could not be met on their own.

NGOs such as The Humanitarian Aid Foundation, Association of Health Employees, Doctors of the WorldDoctors Worldwide and Physicians for Hope are just some of the organisation that make significant gains from Turkish health providers’ medical charity work. TIKA arranges for their travel while the Health Ministry consider the time spent by doctors working abroad as active work time. Some health practitioners decided to work on different parts of the world year-round to help the sick and needy people.

Turkey’s very highly qualified doctors are working in foreign countries around the world. Over 2000 Turkish doctors are working abroad, and now the health ministry is negotiation with them to return to the country. Turkey is facing an acute shortage of doctors. The country is considering employing foreign doctors to fill the current vacancies in the public hospitals. The Health Minister has issued invitation to Greek medical professionals to come to work in Turkey. They have officially opened the doors to 7,000 Greek doctors who are seeking jobs due to the deepening economic crisis in their country.

Improve Your Travel Agency Website by Following the Right Google Penalty Recovery Strategy

Any travel agency would like to see its website featured among the top sites on Google. And in their desire to achieve this, many website owners and masters try all kinds of strategies which include content creation, backlinking, keyword distribution and more. However, many-a-times their strategy yield negative results that lead to their websites being penalized. What this means is that they violated Google’s guidelines which can at times lead to the site being banned from their search engines. Poor back linking, keyword stuffing, and low-quality content are some reasons that may lead to a site being penalized.

How Travel Websites Get Penalized

Boosting traffic to your travel site is key to attracting new customers as well as maintaining existing clients. However, this has become more challenging in recent times as every site desires to rank on the top. This has led to SEO experts and marketers trying out any strategy that may work. Google generally uses either manual or automated algorithm checks to find any violators. According to statistics, Google runs over 400,000 manual checks every month. They also rely on Panda and Penguin which are the leading algorithms and are more stringent than previous ones.

Google Penalty Recovery A Necessity

After having their travel website penalized, many people unfortunately don’t do anything about it. They simply let it go or create another site which leads them back to square one. It also means the travel agency losing its customers and credibility. Records show that out of the more than 400,000 manual searches plus the algorithm bans, only 20,000 submissions for reconsideration are done by the webmasters monthly. This represents a mere 5% of the affected websites. Many fail to follow up the process because of lack of knowledge or not knowing how to go about it.

How to Recover From Any Google Penalty

The good news though is that you can restore your website’s credibility and ranking by initiating the right penalty recovery process. Any SEO expert or webmaster knows the value of following the right recovery process. It should be easy, effective, and promises good results. The first step is identifying the type of penalty –is it manual or algorithm? The next step is ascertaining what caused the penalty- was it because Google quality control team came across spammy content, or Panda algorithm discovered low quality or duplicated content, or Penguin detected bad anchor text distribution or backlinks?

Don’t throw in the towel simply because your site has been penalized. Don’t risk it being penalized again or banned in the near future. Also, you shouldn’t see the rankings continue to drop. What you need is the right penalty recovery process that will restore your website reputation as well as boost traffic. We pride on being a leading firm that can help you discover if a Google penalty is the cause of the drop in traffic. Our experienced employees will go out of there way to ensure your travel site is back on track. We also employ tools that keep checking the latest algorithms and ensuring your website is compliant. Get the right Google Penalty Recovery service today and see your travel agency website rankings improve.

Cultural Groups Worth Connecting With in Australia

There are many cultural groups in Australia. According to the 2011 Census, Australians came from over 200 countries. Each group has its own cultural diversity resulting from history, regional differences and other factors such as class, intermarriage and urban and rural environments. Modern liberal democracy in Australia can be attributed to multiculturalism. Australians have the same basic rights to practice and maintain their cultural heritage, tradition and language within the law. Here are some cultural groups worth connecting with in Australia:

Turkish Australian Culture House Inc. (TACH)
TACH is a non-profit organisation with members and executive committee members working on a voluntary basis to serve the Turkish Community in Western Australia. It fosters community awareness and interest in cultural, educational, social and sporting matters of the Turkish people. It affiliates with other organizations for inter-cultural understanding and development. It also encourages and promotes Turkish Language to children and general public through educational activities. TACH organises functions to celebrate national and religious days and facilitates occasions to exchange ideas on cultural issues.

Alliance Francaise de Sydney
AFS is an independent, not-for-profit cultural and language organisation promoting Franco-Australian exchange since 1899. Their mission is to spread the French language and culture beyond the French borders. AFS is housed in an attractive building designed by Harry Seidler in the heart of Sydney, it has a media centre and a French Cafe. It offers French courses and holds cultural events. AFS has been holding the annual Alliance Française French Film Festival since 1989. This prestigious festival has become a very important event in Australia with an exponential increase in attendees every year.

ACM Group Sydney – Asian Australian Cultural Management Group
ACM Group is an Asian-Australian Cultural Management Group based in Sydney celebrating and promoting harmony through music, the arts & cultural events. They help foster positive interactions between Australians, Asians and Asian Australians. They promote Asian-Australian art, music, culture, restaurants, social events and other interactive cultural phenomenon. They also promote events and give public guidance to social and cultural activities. Visit ACM Group Facebook Page  to connect with them.

Australian Arabic Council
AAC organisation is committed to human rights and community relations issues affecting the Arabic culture and profile. It focuses on the relationship between the Australian Arabic community and the Australian community. They promote Arabic community participation in Australian social, cultural and political life. The organisation run proactive projects, research the effects and develop, implement and advocate for wide ranging solutions to racism; and consistently promote human rights and community relations.

Centre for Multicultural Youth
CMY focuses on young 12-25 years old from migrant and refugee backgrounds that are newly-arrived to Australia to help them adjust to unfamiliar cultural, academic and social expectations. They help the youth have the sense of wellbeing and belonging by diminishing racism and discrimination. They believe that young people have the enterprise, resilience and optimism to contribute to the continued prosperity of Australia.

Chinese Australian Historical Society Inc.
The goal of CAHS is to advance the study of the history of Chinese in Australia by holding seminars, workshops and conferences. The topics include Chinese Australian family histories; clan organisations in Sydney; the home villages in Guangdong of early Chinese Australians; the trans-pacific Chinese; Chinese stores in country New South Wales; the history of the Chinese Women’s Association of Australia; and, archival records and how to use them, etc. Different activities are geared to promote public knowledge and understanding of the contributions made by the Chinese people to Australia.

Australian American Association
AAA aimed to build friendship, mutual understanding and co-operation between the peoples of Australia and the United States of America. The Association has striven to achieve these ambitious goals over the years. The Sir John Crawford Scholarship was established in 1989, to help young Canberrans to travel to the USA to advance their area of study and research that will benefit their career or personal development.

Australian Scottish Community
ASC promotes the involvement of people with Scottish heritage to promote and maintain the Scots culture and heritage in Australia. It helps to strengthen the links between those of Scottish heritage within Australia and worldwide. It also promotes festivals of Scottish nature for the benefit of the entire community. ASC offers information on Scotland, Scottish Tourism, Scottish websites and Scottish crafts.

CO.AS.IT is a non-profit organisation for Italians and Australians of Italian descent. It was established in 1967 to provide a range of social welfare services in response to the needs of the Italian migrant settlers in Australia. The objective of the organisation is to provide cultural and linguistic services for Italian migrants and their descendants, to enable them to achieve their full potential in the wider Australian society.

Russian Ethnic Community Council
RECC is a voluntary, non-profit making organisation which supports charity work for people of Russian origin. The community aims to preserve and develop Russian Cultural legacy among people of Russian descent and to familiarise the mainstream Australian society with it as well as to foster links between Australia and Russia in social, economic, sporting, educational and cultural spheres. It also carries out intensive work with adolescents of Russian descent so as to preserve Russian language and traditions, and to pass on their cultural heritage.

Ten Turkish Foods Loved The World Over


You will find a traditional savory Turkish flatbread and pastry dish in the form of Gözleme which is made of hand-rolled leaves of yufka dough that are lightly brushed with butter and eggs, filled with various toppings, sealed, and cooked over a griddle. It is popular since you will be able to find bunch of recipes on how to make Gözleme online.


Kebab is considered as the most ordered food by Turks. It is known as a Middle Eastern, Eastern Mediterranean, and South Asian dish of pieces of meat, fish, or vegetables roasted or grilled on a skewer or spit

Turkish Delight

While not considered as a main dish, the Turkish delight has gained quite a name for itself as it is a family of confections based on a gel of starch and sugar. As such, customers can expect something different with every serving of this type of food.


Also known as Syrian Bread or Arabic Bread, this soft, slightly leavened flatbread baked from wheat flour is often used in many Mediterranean, Balkan and Middle Eastern cuisines. They are growing in popularity especially with the emergence of pita bread pizza.


This Turkish savoury pastry comes in many unique varieties giving customers a wide range of options with regards to its fillings as well as toppings. The most popular ones come with minced meat or spinach and cheese. What’s great is that it can be served for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack and can be rolled, served as puffs, or layered like lasagna. As such, the possibilities with this dish are next to limitless. Export distribution and marketing of this type of food is often done on a regular basis which gives others the opportunity to try them out.


Köfte is consists of balls of minced or ground meat—usually beef, chicken, lamb, or pork—mixed with spices and/or onions which takes the form of a meatball or meatloaf.


Shisha is not something that you will see in typical cafes. It is a smoked in a hookah and is a syrupy tobacco mix containing molasses and vegetable glycerol. What makes it standout is with the wide variety of flavors that it offers to their customers. This includes apple, grape, guava, lemon, mint, as well as many other fruit based mixes as well as the unconventional flavors that are available such as white gummy bear, blueberry muffin, and Powerbull flavor which have been introduced in recent years.


You will find Turkish rice home to this country in the form of Pilaf. It is a dish where rice is cooked in a seasoned broth. The rice may also attain its brown color in some cases by being stirred with pieces of cooked onion, as well as a mix of spices. It may also contain meat, fish, vegetables, pasta, and dried fruits depending on the local cuisine.


A rich, sweet pastry made of filo filled is what you will discover find in Baklava which also comes with chopped nuts and sweetened and sweetened and held together with syrup or honey.

Turkish Coffee

The method of preparing unfiltered coffee is often referred to as Turkish coffee. The process includes roasting the finely ground coffee which are then simmered in a pot and served in a cup where the grounds are allowed to settle. It can be served optionally with sugar for added taste.

Sex Slavery: Turkey Must Not Be A Gateway Country

Whenever there are war zones in the world they are most always accompanied by organised crime and prostitution. Sex slavery: Turkey must not be a gateway country, as we have seen happened in Bosnia and in so many other prolonged conflicts around the globe. It reminds me that humanity has not changed much in two thousand years, when the ancient armies would enslave all the women and children from vanquished cities and sell them for profit. These were the spoils of war that soldiers fought for; and the reason they would enlist in the first place.

Sex slavery in war zones continues this barbaric practice; and the two point two million Syrian refugees in Turkey are at risk of this. Bad men take advantage of vulnerable women and children, wherever they are, but during times of social unrest they congregate together like flies around an open wound. The security forces are on the look-out for terrorists and they do not police the lot of refugees with the same vigour. Turkish police are on alert for Daesh and the PKK; and preventing bombs from exploding in the faces of western tourists. Organised crime can scuttle around in the shadows and seize their victims unhindered by close surveillance.

The corruption of officials in countries bordering war zones allows these nefarious elements further licence to prey upon the weak. Syrian refugees will be hungry and desperate for opportunities to improve their lot; these people are easy to trick and then snatch. Sex slavery depends on that process of defrauding the gullible, who are made blind by their circumstances. Human trafficking is a depravity on a commercial level and it destroys the lives of its victims. Some women may think that they are becoming escorts, but then find themselves as slaves to these pimps who feed on the misery of others. They may be transported illegally across international borders and end up chained to a bed in some modern day dungeon.

People smuggling is another manifestation of the same evil operating in territories plagued by conflicts. Promises are made to the desperate and needy; and that for tens of thousands of US dollars, they and their family will be transported safely to some European haven. What eventuates is overcrowded and leaky boats, unseaworthy craft of all descriptions; and drowning refugees. Little children drowning and dying of dehydration, men and women dying in numbers; and greedy people smugglers counting their dollar bills. Turkey must resist this fate and she must be aided by the United Nations in that resistance.

12 Great Ways Turkey Can Promote Itself To Tourists


Turkey’s image as one of the centres of tourism was greatly affected by ongoing regional conflicts. Media reports of tension in Iraq and Syria spilling over in the country has a negative impact on many foreign visitors. Last year was not a good year  for tourism as the number of domestic and foreign visitors fell to 3.8 million which is 2.46 per cent decrease compared to 2014. In the light of the horrific terror attacks in Turkey, our country still needs to promote itself as a mostly safe tourist destination. We need better promotion campaign to increase the appeal to tourism amid the fall of visitors last year.

Promoting the tourism industry in Turkey means selling a place, the experience and all the things it has to offer. We are competing with the entire world every time we promote our country. We need to be creative and unique in our approach due to the high level of competition. To succeed, our marketing efforts should put the best possible image of our country to create interest on broad scale. Here’s some of the ways we need to keep promoting ourselves to the world:

1. Advertising
The Ministry of Culture and Tourism started allocating funds on advertisements in 1999, this move made Turkey the sixth most popular tourist destination in 2014. However, the ministry cut the advertising budget from $120 million to $15 million. The move contributed to the decline in the number of foreign tourist in 2015. We should follow the lead of countries like Greece which spend around 2 per cent of their GDP on promoting tourism. Advertisements on trade publication can get the eyes of travel sellers interested in Turkey. Placing ads in smart and targeted manner can help promote our country as a great tourist destination.

2. Partnership
Partnership will help us promote tourism and reach a broader and more desirable audience. Instead of creating a broad base of followers on our own, we can get a partner with an existing great number of followers. We can partner with national travel agencies by granting them special deals and promotions for their customers in exchange for access to their network of customers.

3. Sponsorship
Sponsorships can be done in any shapes or sizes from local to national events with its own target audiences to promote tourism. We can sponsor events and distribute giveaways like promotional pens to create awareness. We can sponsor high-visibility sporting events to globally promote Turkey. Televised events have the extra benefit of local, national and international media coverage which can multiply our potential for reaching wider audience.

4. Involve the community
People around our tourist destinations are great asset; we can involve them in our promotional activities. Residents have inside information about things that might appeal to tourist. Local residents from different income levels, ethnicities and ages can help us identify different attractions; we can involve them in local brainstorming.

5. Culture and National Heritage
Tourism in Turkey is focused largely on culture and national heritage sites like the Temple of Artemis and Mausoleum of the Halicarnassus which is two of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Heritage tourism encourages traveling to experience the places, artifacts and stories of people in the past. Promoting our culture through heritage tourism has a positive economic and social impact as it establishes our identity and helps preserve our cultural heritage while promoting it to the world.

6. Event Promotion
Turkey is home to different great festivals and events. There are popular music festivals, cultural, national and religious festivals, sport and outdoors events, nightlife events, lifestyle events and wonderful Turkish festivals. A visit to Turkey at any time of the year can include a matchless experience of art, music, history and culture. National and religious events are celebrated with great enthusiasm in Turkey and have the potential in attracting foreign tourist. Local government and tourism agencies can work hand in hand to create effective tourism promotion.

7. Trade Shows
Trade shows bring together every aspect of the travel industry in one place for meeting, interaction and new deals. Every travel and tourism suppliers gather in trade shows, this is a good opportunity to sell our tourist destinations to the national travel agencies who have millions of customers. Trade shows around the country and the world can draw media attention and create awareness on tourism.

8. Digital Marketing
Application of digital marketing strategies is a great way to reach tourists who use the internet before making their travel plans. Travelers today rely on digital technologies for travel inspiration as well as research and booking. They also use different devices for all types of travel activities, from research, travel arrangements, booking and check-in. Search engine optimisation and search engine marketing is the best way to promote tourism online. Our official travel portal needs to be optimised to make it more visible to online visitors. We can also develop a comprehensive guide to online marketing for our tourism partners which can implement an online booking system.

9. Online Booking and Payment
Digital technologies can add value to our services. Today over one third of all travel bookings are made online. Utilizing online booking and payment give most potential tourist the ease. If tourist can book and pay online they will be more likely to be interested to visit our country again. Offering 24 hour booking and payment online encourages tourist that we are accessible and up-to-date.

10. Social Media
New technologies like social networking sites enable people to interact, communicate and share ideas on the internet. Social media can be a great way to engage with people with relative ease and little cost. We can use social media for maximum benefit for our tourism promotion. By encouraging tourist to share their photos, stories and experiences using a unique hashtag on social networking sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter we can promote tourist engagement. We can use social media as an interactive tourist guide with integrated street navigation to help tourist find their way. Social media accounts can also drive traffic to our tourism sites.
11. Off-Season Promotion
Tourism is an activity which enable tourist to enjoy during their free time at their disposal. All of the four seasons exist in Turkey but the tourist high season is from mid-April through mid-September. Most tourists prefer to visit Turkey during spring and fall when the sun is warm and the skies are generally clear. The majority of rainfall occurs in winter but don’t underestimate Turkey in winter, the perks of visiting popular destination are endless. Traveling in Turkey in February is considered to be major off-season but can be a good promotion opportunity as most hotels, tours, restaurants and activities offer incredible discounts.

12. Promotional Documentaries and Publication
Documentary video films on important tourist spots of Turkey focusing on the beauty of the country can be used in television advertisements and tour operators presentations to promote to potential tourists. Printed sales literature carries key messages in pictures. These information materials can be used in advertising and sales promotion in specialized journals and special interest magazines. Promotional documentaries and publication can motivate local and foreign tourist to visit our tourist spots.

Turkey’s Fortune Tellers Part Of Our History & Culture

Fortune telling is quite influential in Turkey with many seeking for their guidance and insights. The practice itself has become relatively popular especially since it is a must try for both locals and tourists alike. One fortune teller practice that is home to Turkey is the ancient art of coffee cup reading which is also known as Tasseography. What role does coffee cup reading play with regards to Turkey’s history and culture?

A divination or fortune-telling method that interprets patterns in tea leaves, coffee grounds, or wine sediments is what the practice Tasseography (which is also known as tasseomancy or tassology) revolves around with. This practice has been around for quite some time, dating a thousand years back in the Middle East and is still considered to be hugely popular in Turkey. This is quite apparent especially when you go Istanbul or any small town for a visit in Turkey.

You will notice people having coffee with friends while at the same time reading their respective cups after the drink has been consumed. It is known that this will give a slight hint about their future. It is considered to be a form of social ritual, however if you one posses Physic prowess, the tools found in a coffee cup and its saucer can become useful instruments for fortune telling.

The art of Turkish coffee reading has been around for quite some time which started in the 16th century in the very same country. The reason why the practice of coffee reading is a very popular ritual in Turkey is that this country takes in and consumes coffee in their day to day life. As such, it is quite normal for them to read their coffee cups on a day to day basis. In addition, clairvoyant readings also often play a very important role as it works hand in hand with Tasseography to give people a much clearer overview about their future.

The residual coffee grounds that are left in the cups are used as readings to interpret the future. It should be noted that this is not your regular coffee that you see in stores and cafes on a regular basis. What makes Turkish coffee different from the rest is that it leaves thick, muddy sediment at the bottom of the cup.

It should also be noted that Turks have continued to practice and value fortune-telling even after their conversion to Islam. As such, Turkish culture owes a lot to fortune telling making it an important part of their history, culture and lives. This is indeed quite true especially since discovering the mystery of the cosmic world, and learn what the future holds in advance is what the people in Istanbul have always yearned to know in an effort to command their destiny or even change it.

Turkey’s fortune tellers have indeed played quite an important role in shaping the country’s history and culture. Even as today, their services are still relatively popular and relevant even in this modern day and age of technology. Consider the practice of Tasseography towards your next visit to Turkey. Learn more about the practice of coffee cup reading and bring your friends with you as you read each other’s fortune on your respective coffee cups.