Sex Slavery: Turkey Must Not Be A Gateway Country

Whenever there are war zones in the world they are most always accompanied by organised crime and prostitution. Sex slavery: Turkey must not be a gateway country, as we have seen happened in Bosnia and in so many other prolonged conflicts around the globe. It reminds me that humanity has not changed much in two thousand years, when the ancient armies would enslave all the women and children from vanquished cities and sell them for profit. These were the spoils of war that soldiers fought for; and the reason they would enlist in the first place.

Sex slavery in war zones continues this barbaric practice; and the two point two million Syrian refugees in Turkey are at risk of this. Bad men take advantage of vulnerable women and children, wherever they are, but during times of social unrest they congregate together like flies around an open wound. The security forces are on the look-out for terrorists and they do not police the lot of refugees with the same vigour. Turkish police are on alert for Daesh and the PKK; and preventing bombs from exploding in the faces of western tourists. Organised crime can scuttle around in the shadows and seize their victims unhindered by close surveillance.

The corruption of officials in countries bordering war zones allows these nefarious elements further licence to prey upon the weak. Syrian refugees will be hungry and desperate for opportunities to improve their lot; these people are easy to trick and then snatch. Sex slavery depends on that process of defrauding the gullible, who are made blind by their circumstances. Human trafficking is a depravity on a commercial level and it destroys the lives of its victims. Some women may think that they are becoming escorts, but then find themselves as slaves to these pimps who feed on the misery of others. They may be transported illegally across international borders and end up chained to a bed in some modern day dungeon.

People smuggling is another manifestation of the same evil operating in territories plagued by conflicts. Promises are made to the desperate and needy; and that for tens of thousands of US dollars, they and their family will be transported safely to some European haven. What eventuates is overcrowded and leaky boats, unseaworthy craft of all descriptions; and drowning refugees. Little children drowning and dying of dehydration, men and women dying in numbers; and greedy people smugglers counting their dollar bills. Turkey must resist this fate and she must be aided by the United Nations in that resistance.