Turkey’s Health Providers Working Around The World


Medical education in Turkey is at par with medical education standards in the world. It has been providing world-class medical education to thousands of Turkish and foreign students for years. Turkey has 60 medical faculties which can compete with medical education institution around the world. Physicians who graduated can get successful medical results in world-wide fields. According to JCI certificates Turkey is the third health care provider country in the world today.

Turkey’s health providers are working around the world. According to our research, there are approximately 200 Turkish doctors practicing in the tri-state area in the US. Most of them obtained their education in Turkey and took the necessary requirements to be able to practice their field of specialisation. Cardiologist, internist and dentist are the most Turkish physicians practicing in the US. Most of them graduated from prestigious medical schools such as Ankara University, Capa, Cerrahpasa and Hacettepe.

Aside from the US you will also find many Turkish health providers working in Europe and other Western liberal countries like United Kingdom, France, Germany Switzerland and Scandinavian countries. Many high-level professionals’ particularly medical doctors became established and migrated to these countries. The main reasons for migration are need for professional advancement, unsatisfactory working conditions, unsatisfactory professional income and more comfortable living conditions abroad.

Turkish community living abroad amounts to more than five million people. Most of them live in Western European countries, Northern America and Middle East. Majority of the Turkish community abroad is permanently residing in the country of their choice where they obtained citizenship. The population of Turkish community is increasing mainly due to family reunification and high birth rate. Many Turkish-born health providers end up working in the prestigious Australian health system which is one of the world’s best funded healthcare. The Turkish community has significantly contributed to the economic, political, social and cultural development of the host countries.

Turkey has brought modern medical care to different countries on four continents. Turkish health providers like doctors, nurses, dentist, osteopaths and other medical practitioners are set to provide regular health services in Asia, Middle East, Central America and African countries as a result of cooperation between several non-governmental organisations and the Turkish Cooperation and Development Agency (TİKA). In the past years health providers have made children’s health services and health screenings such as providing colposcopy or cervical cancer screenings for people worldwide. They’ve performed surgeries, laser therapy, and distributed tons of medicine aside from flying patients to Turkey for treatment when their medical needs could not be met on their own.

NGOs such as The Humanitarian Aid Foundation, Association of Health Employees, Doctors of the WorldDoctors Worldwide and Physicians for Hope are just some of the organisation that make significant gains from Turkish health providers’ medical charity work. TIKA arranges for their travel while the Health Ministry consider the time spent by doctors working abroad as active work time. Some health practitioners decided to work on different parts of the world year-round to help the sick and needy people.

Turkey’s very highly qualified doctors are working in foreign countries around the world. Over 2000 Turkish doctors are working abroad, and now the health ministry is negotiation with them to return to the country. Turkey is facing an acute shortage of doctors. The country is considering employing foreign doctors to fill the current vacancies in the public hospitals. The Health Minister has issued invitation to Greek medical professionals to come to work in Turkey. They have officially opened the doors to 7,000 Greek doctors who are seeking jobs due to the deepening economic crisis in their country.